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Each session aims to address a key problem in the breast cancer research field from both a clinical and research perspective through expert speakers, discussion and debate.

Day 1
15 Jan 2018
Day 2
16 Jan 2018

Session 1: Recent advances

CHAIR – Arnie Purushotham

Basic:               Professor Claire Isacke

Translational:   Professor Peter Schmid

Early Disease:  Professor Michael Gnant

Late Disease:   Dr Mark Verrill

Professor Clare Isacke

Key Note Lecture: Marc Lippman


Lecturer: Marc Lippman

Session 2: Metastatic Disease


Managing ER+ disease:                  Professor Stephen Johnston

Prognostics of metastatic disease:  Dr Aleix Prat

Evolution of resistance:

Key Note Lecture: Dr Laura Esserman


Lecturer: Laura Esserman

Session 3: Neoadjuvant Therapy

CHAIR: Andreas Makris

NAT as a surgical tool:                                   Mike Dixon

Treatment of the axilla post NACT:                Judy Boughey

RCB vs pCR as an end-point:                        Fraser Symmans

Latest data on imaging end points for NAT:   Dr Sarah Vinnicombe

Key Note Lecture: Dr David Spiegelhalter


Lecturer: David Spiegelhalter

Key Note Lecture: Jack Cuzick


Lecturer: Jack Cuzick

Session 1: Measuring and managing Br Ca risk

CHAIR: Tony Maxwell

Stratification to Screening: Professor Fiona Gilbert

Risk prediction for risk reduction: Professor Gareth Evans


Session 2: New treatments and measuring their impact


CDK4/6i: Dr Nick Turner

Liquid biopsies: Professor Jacqui Shaw


Key Note Lecture: Chuck Perou


Lecturer: Chuck Perou

Session 3: Biomarkers and prognostic profiling

CHAIR: Professor Mitch Dowsett

Lessons from molecular subtyping: Carlos Caldas

Clinical utility of molecular profiles: Dr Rob Stein

Identifying who needs extended adjuvant ET: Dr Dan Hayes

Mutation-directed therapy: Dr Fabrice Andre


Key Note Lecture: Professor David Cameron


Lecturer: Professor David Cameron