Oral and Poster Presentations

Oral Presentations

Speaker instructions for oral presentations can be downloaded here.

Content for presentations must be delivered by the presenters to the technicians no later than 2 hours before their session and preferably the day before in the case of morning sessions.

Please name Presentations by Date/Room/Surname/Title

Microsoft PowerPoint and Prezi presentations are supported. Please create your presentations in 16:9 as the screens will be in this ratio.

Use of personal laptops is not encouraged. Presenters wishing to do this will need to attend Speaker Preview and speak to a technician to discuss the feasibility of using their own machine.

FOR MAC USERS: We do not supply Mac adapters. If a presenter has to use their own Mac, they need to ensure they have their own adapter. Typically this will need to be Mac display to VGA.

Questions regarding presentations can be directed to the following ahead of the conference; Also any presentations can be sent prior to the conference to this email address.
Gary Warmington – Project Manager



Poster Presentations

The dimensions of the poster boards are 2.4m high x 1m wide.

The useable section for the posters is 2340mm x 950mm. These are the maximum dimensions for posters – all posters should be portrait and designed to fit within this space. Different size boards cannot be provided.

poster size

Posters will be displayed in the Exhibition Hall.

All poster presenters must register for the Conference and posters must be displayed from Monday 15th January by 12.45pm until Tuesday 16th January at 2.00pm.

Posters must be brought in person to the event and should not be posted.

Please ensure your poster is removed at the end of the conference. Any posters left at the end of the conference will be removed and destroyed.

Your poster number can be downloaded here

The location of your poster board can be downloaded here