Faculty Presentations

Highlights of 2017

Professor Michael Gnant – Early Disease

Metastatic Disease

Dr Aleix Prat – Predicting outcome in metastatic breast cancer

Le Cure Lecture

Dr Marc Lippman – Breast cancer research past and future
This slide was presented at the 1st UK-IBCS and is the intellectual property of Dr Marc Lippman.

Neoadjuvant therapy

Professor Mike Dixon – Neoadjuvant therapy as a surgical tool
Dr Sarah Vinnicombe – Imaging end-points for neoadjuvant therapy
Fraser Symmans – Neera Patel lecture – RCB vs pCR as an end-point

Key Note Lecture

Professor David Spiegelhalter – Understanding risk

Model Systems

Dr Rob Clarke – The use of patient-derived tissues for advanced, preclinical models of breast cancer
Dr Richard Grose – 3D in vitro modelling using material from Breast Cancer Now Tissue Bank
Dr Mathew Garnett – Organoid models

A practical guide to shared decision making – putting research into practice

Professor Diana Harcourt and Professor Alex Clarke – The benefits of shared decision making

Costs of treatment

Professor Richard Sullivan – From price to value – keeping breast cancer care affordable
Professor Tito Fojo – Critically examining the true value of our therapies – the only way to meaningful gains in breast cancer

Triple negative breast cancer

Professor Andrew Tutt – The biology of new targets
Dr Chuck Perou – Precision medicine for triple negative breast cancer patients

Key note lecture sponsored by BACR

Professor Jack Cuzick – Breast cancer prevention for the population at large

Measuring and managing breast cancer risk

Professor Fiona Gilbert – Stratification of screening

New treatments and measuring their impact

Professor Jacqui Shaw – Liquid Biopsies

Cridlan Lecture

Dr Chuck Perou – Completion of the Cancer Genome Atlas

Biomarkers and prognostic profiling

Professor Rob Stein – Clinical utility of molecular profiles
Dr Daniel Hayes – Who needs extended endocrine therapy?
Professor Fabrice André – Mutation directed therapy

Novel clinical trial endpoints

Professor Judith Bliss – Why do we need better trial endpoints?

Lobular breast cancer

Professor Steffi Oesterreich – Unique biology in invasive lobular breast cancer
Professor Ian Ellis – Histologic dilemmas
Professor Michael Kerin – Should lobular phenotype be considered when deciding treatment?

Challenges of local management

Dr Andreas Makris – Management and follow up of patients presenting with breast cancer in axillary lymph nodes and occult breast primary
Miss Nicola Roche – When is local surgery indicated in metastatic breast cancer?
Professor Ulrich Bick – What is the impact of MRI scanning on breast cancer treatment?
Dr Charlotte Coles – Current and future indications for partical breast radiotherapy

Breast cancer heterogeneity and evolution

Dr Lucy Yates – Genomic heterogeneity of breast cancer
Dr Fraser Symmans – Relevance to the histopathologist
Rachael Natrajan – Experimental modelling of heterogeneity

Communicating risk in the context of genomic testing

Dame Lesley Fallowfield – Communicating risk in breast cancer

Clinical trials roadshow

Dr Matthew Wallis – The LORIS Trial
Dr Andrew Wardley – The plasmaMATCH Trial


Sarah Pinder – How wide a margin do we need for DCIS